Many people ask, why do I teach confidence? It is because I battled for 38 years to find mine. I was tired of living in self hate, self sabatoge, darkness, dispair, and not believing in myself! Lack of confidence impacted every area of my life. My health, job, marriage, parenting, faith, friendships, and my idenity. I created a program for myself to hold me accountable and push me to find out who I really was! When people started seeing a change in me, is when I felt lead to help other hurting friends. That is how Reigning and Crowning Confidence, LLC came to be! God lead me to start teaching my program everywhere! I do NOT want anyone, men, women, boys or girls to ever feel not worthy or battle with low self esteem! It is my mission to help cure the epidemic of insecurity! My crown is your crown! I hope when you see it, it brings you hope and possibility! You CAN overcome and be the best verision of yourself! If you want my program or need help, I have a group and free training that can help you I believe in YOU!